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April 2017

Nice Apartment

I'm always astonished when I see house and apartment photography for pads worth over half a million eurotrons. Aside from the staggering amount, which is uncomfortably to even whisper, is when said estate agent decides that to sell an asset of this gargantuan value they need photographs that barely describe the place. I'm all for estate agents shooting for themselves if they can, but to show it in poor light, blurry, and photograph the ensuite with...

Stairway to Heaven

Well, forgive the substantial leap of faith, but they're still going up the stairs. Maybe not to heaven, and not to any Led Zepp as far as I remember. Twas great little morning shindig put on by the good people of Siegel + Gale to have a chat and meet some good folk from the Dublin scene. On hand were a crack team of brand experts delivering some wise nuggets of futurism and branding, and how best to hop about the place when all the young folk be...

woah there – not so fast cowboy