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May 2017

Windy Liffey Balcony

Rooms with views are hard currency in this game. One of the favourite perks of the job is getting to see Dublin from various vantage points. Thankfully photo ops are usually put up on a commanding rooftop and not in the dungeon depths, replete with coders, boxes and forgotten pop-ups. So I've been ticking along nicely with a delightful media company and photographed one of the business teams on this balcony nearly a year ago. I had a good blast of...

In-Meeting with Minister

Had a really enjoyable editorial photography gig last week with Minister Murphy in attendance. In a plush Marker Hotel meeting room, with some heavy hitters in the room, Phil from Euroweek hosted the roundtable event. On the table was the shape-shifting Brexit ideal from an Irish perspective. No shortage of insights and revelations from the collected industrialists. Minister Murphy dropped in and addressed some issues raised, along with batting back...

woah there – not so fast cowboy