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January 2018

Shape Generators

Loving this folded paper structure in the Royal Hibernia Academy. Its work by Cork-based sculptor Alex Pentek, titled Folded Space and seemed to get in the way of a corporate do there recently, but to be honest with some pretty dynamic lighting, it really did make the room quite special. It came into its own at night and provided another screen and depth to the space that can at times seem...

You Are Now Entering...

Caught this while out doing some night work for a client on the other side of the bridge. This dystopian urban look is one I quite like, seems to be quite a la mode on Instagram – or maybe that just my...

2018 Back to the Future Doc!

We hurtled through December's slalom of Christmas parties (see above!), last minute numbers and sodden frozen timelapse sites. We got there and signed out for a couple of weeks of turbo eating. We're back. Rounder and softer on the edges, but we're back :) Lashings of Happy New Year to all – and delighted to be seeing the near future as brightly as we do in...

woah there – not so fast cowboy