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June 2018

Bathed in Infrared

It has been a cracking couple of weeks here in Dublin. Solid weather, unchanging, warm, sunny – loads infrared! Took a spin out to the Costa del Killiney to drink some sun in, and took a few odd turns and twists amongst some shortcut I may have known as a kid. I don't think I ever knew them to be honest. But I did happen across Hawkrock swimming spot which was pretty damn amazing. Found some bikes chained up. The new infrared camera challenges...

A Ton of Good Eats

So the good folk at The Irish Times spent a couple of eons grazing up and down the country, and put together a list of the Top 100 best eateries in Ireland. This is simply trolling the country as everyone will have their own few favorites on their doorstep, and will be waving their own county colours. Still its a great list. Even with the glaring Michelin omissions. All here on a map for handy perusing, trip planning and fighting over! ...

woah there – not so fast cowboy