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September 2019

Summer Jug

Nestled in the nook of the Dodder, wedged between million-dollah homes is, of course, Merrion Cricket club. Smashing little spot where I've only ever seen 100% sunshine, an opportunistic micro-climate. Anyways, many good folk have decided 12 months is too long to wait for an office Christmas blowout, so they broken up the year with a summer sporty/ active/ family-friendly hoo-ha with appropriately chargrilled meats and plant-based culinary delights,...

Burlington Office Site

So by the look of it, half of Dublin is being remodelled and re-imagined. There is a forest of cranes on the skyline – I've tried counting it a few times, but usually get too distracted trying to figure out where the new ones are exactly. Many of these new offices blocks start off a pile of steaming useless 1960s offices or somesuch, then after a blur of diggers, cranes, hi-vis jackets and breakfast-rolls end up as some fine looking depot for...

Eyes Right

It's a smashing room, really, really is... 'twas the Employment Law Association of Ireland's AGM in Merrion Hotel with TD from across the road Finian McGrath – a lovely little catchup. They quickly got through their mandate requirements, a few hands in the air, some comments from noted invitees and retired in the plush surrounds to the real business of professional chat. Its easily dismissed but this kind of professional networking is the...

Film School – Live TV

This gig was really fascinating – band weren't bad either. Essentially it was a live television multi-camera setup, with directors training in handling the live feeds and directing in a live studio setup across lighting, sound, cameras, graphics, talent and the rest. Lots of spinning plates – not for the faint-hearted. So throughout the rehearsals, they went through 4 training directors, each with their own approach, style and emphasis. I got...

woah there – not so fast cowboy