SLX Cushions Product Photography

I shot a Google Business View tour along with some portraits of the team at Kevin Dempsey Distributors last summer, and delighted to hear from them again recently.
They’ve a slew of new designs as part of their SLX cushions range and needed to get them ready for their marketing collateral, as they’ve a scheduled newsletter, and website promo alongside some of the old fashioned real-life printed material. The pure white background is usually favoured for web promo as it always looks clean and is pretty versatile as you can easily apy text or what-not about it, and it usually sits well on layouts, especially when the actual colour and design of the product is essential.
So its simply a case of lighting and showing the product as best as possible, as always there’s something with a load of card and tape propping up the cushions sitting on an elevated perspex platform so when its lit from the back we get a clean white around the entire product without any dropshadow. Then to make sure we get some form and shape, one single large softbox with a close bounce card. There’s also quite a bit of sheen in the cloth as well, so you do want to make sure that’s obvious and show off too.

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