Something from the Industrial World

Function overrides form in this. You need to be able to see a fast moving sticker printing press with tack sharpness. And you need to be able to explain to the designer that you can modify to the die-cut without affecting the grid bleed on the printing press (or something technical about printing that makes a bit more sense than that).
Sealpack make labels for a medical devices so accuracy, precision and consistency and key to their product. Each label is scanned after printed and monitored for any discrepancy, it’s actually pretty fascinating the level of detail involved in something you wouldn’t normally think twice about, but in reality can be part of helping someone survive. They’re based out in an Industrial estate out in west Dublin, and deliver their product to clients all over Ireland and the UK, mostly in medical industry, but also a handful in food business too.
So with printing presses at full tilt and no real possibility of halting them without seriously disrupting a busy work environment, I had a to speed sync the lights and crank the ISO, easily enough done – just a good solve for the shooting environment.

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