Speedy Press

International Literary Festival Dublin is hitting Dublin pretty hard this May with a broad swathe of events peppered across the nooks and crannies in town.
Monkeyshine Theatre bring the Paper Princess play to the Ark in Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
I zipped down to them before their show, and with precisely 9.3 minutes available I had to put down my bag of tricks and whittle something nice looking for imminent press release. I managed to get a couple of lights into the lovely space, the ladies themselves looked super and had plenty of fun little details. First main light into white umbrella stage right and then a bare snooted flash behind the ladies that gives a good rim light and really helps to create dimension and depth in the shot – helpfully spilling onto the mini stage behind them too.
With zero time for faffing around, everything slipped into place, and then I thankfully managed to squeeze everything back into the bag of wonder and exit stage left before the hordes of knee-high kids invaded brandishing crayons, noise and enthusiasm. back onto the bike and files within the hour to clients and ready for Monday’s press. How was your Sunday?

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